Scúru Fitchádu

by Scúru Fitchádu

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Scúru Fitchádu means Deep dark in Capeverdian creole, and it's a one man project debut EP.
This 5 piece EP was made to put your muthafuckin'ass down!
Enjoy the ride!


released July 5, 2016

"Ravoluçan Ketu" contains a sample from "Charles Manson" performed by Mão Morta.
"Ravoluçan Ketu" contains a sample from Rabelados-Santiago" documentary.
"S'ma Laba Burkan" contains a sample from "Fran pa undé du ta bá" performed by Família Montrond.
"Scúru Fitchádu" contains a sample from "The day of Hell" performed by Besthoven.

All tracks written and composed by Sette Sujidade in very lo-fi conditons
Gaita(concertina)-ferro-lata-programming-voices by Sette Sujidade
Mixing and mastering - Iuri landolt at Kidcore Studio
Artwork by: Hélder Silva HSwork


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Scúru Fitchádu Almada, Portugal

Scúru Fitchádu is a punk aesthetic solo project from portuguese artist Sette Sujidade.
It combines agressive basslines, heavy beats and traditional funana from Capeverde islands.

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Track Name: Ken ki Frâ?
Ken ki frâ ki n-sta xintadú? ("Who said i'm seated?")
Track Name: Ravoluçan ketu
Ravoluçan Ketu ("Silent Revolution")
Ês bala ca ten nomi ("these bullets have no name")
Foi Diab ki manda-m kel nota...pâ pôbu tâ corrê ("It was the devil who sent me this note...just to make you run away")
Track Name: Lobus
Ma du ê Lobus ("we are wolves")
Cumbersu tcheu, ma du câ crê ("we don't want bullshit talk")
Ês ê mofinu, ca bu dâ pa dôdu (We don't want stupid/arrogant people don't be that fool")
Mundú (World)
Du tâ frontas, hora ki ês crê...a bô dja era um bês ("we'll stand against them, anytime they want...and you are already gone")
Track Name: S'ma Laba Burkan
A... bô nhô labánta ("hey You get up")
A bô...ê s'ma laba burkan ("you're as volcano's lava")
Homi ê du ê homi ("Men are men..and we are men")
Palavra ê fogu fincadu na nomi ("the word is the deep fire in my name")
Fitchâ corági ("Gain courage")
A bô bu câ ta matan (You can't kill me")
Track Name: Scúru Fitchádu
Uaiuai ("traditional popular chant from Fogo island")
Tudu ki ês crê ê fitchan nha alma ("All they want is to shut me down/kill my soul")

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